Do you know that 18% of the world’s population lives in houses built of wood? Among these houses, one finds the luxury wooden alpine chalet for sale in france, because it is one of the places which is best suited to this type of dwelling.


The benefits of using it

It should be noted that the benefits of wood far outweigh its disadvantages as a material. It is a natural product, recyclable and renewable, whose production process compared to other industrialized products offers less waste, requires low energy consumption and respects nature and the environment. Current use is not toxic, does not produce odors or toxic fumes of chemical origin. Therefore, it is safe for touch and handling. It’s also an easy-to-use material.

It is 100% renewable if it is practiced properly by felling trees in forests and with the corresponding certificates. New trees are planted carefully and without compromising natural resources.

It is a good insulator, insulation is a very important aspect for reducing the energy used in heating and cooling buildings. Wood is a natural insulator that can reduce the amount of energy needed for space cooling, especially when used in windows, floors or doors. It has excellent natural conditions of thermal insulation and sound absorption. It is a very versatile raw material that can be used in different ways and meets certain specifications and needs, depending on the type of application desired. It allows simple connections and connections to run to complex structures with adequate execution.


The oldest wooden house

It is in the town of SCHWYZ in Switzerland and more than 700 years old.

A material that lasts. The durability of the wood, a beam, a trunk or batten or the single transom need maintenance. Examples of sustainability are numerous; sarcophagi, statues, family equipment, weapons, boats, instruments, building elements. The ease of finding it and the relatively low price compared to other materials.

It can be manufactured in structural dimensions of any size, it can be used in industrialization or in delicate elements. It is 100% reusable, possibility of being reused several times and without surplus material. A perfect example are the furniture with recycled pallets

It has structural properties: able to withstand the sacrifices of compression and traction. It has low density, low mass and high mechanical strength. Flexural strength can be about ten times that of concrete. It does not collapse when subjected to sudden blows that can damage other building materials.

A variety of textures and finishes. In its natural appearance, it offers an enormous plurality of patterns, whether smooth, wavy, or rough.





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